FIWARE Smart Society Challenge in Seville 2014

We Picked Up Second Place and Won €40,000

What a week. I still can’t believe it. We finished in second place at the FIWARE Smart Society Challenge Finals in Seville, and won €40,000 with our project My People Care.

Let’s go back to the start

Back in July/August 2014, my Software Engineering Lecturer, Dr. Christophe Meudec from the Institute of Technology, Carlow asked me if I wanted to help out with a project that one of the other students in my class (Dominik Chomic) had created, My People Care.

I was happy to jump on board, especially because I would get a free trip to Seville . The existing project was great.


When we arrived in Seville, the only (technical) things we had to do was:

  • Port the backend over from Google App Engine to FIWARE
  • Implement a few FIWARE features such as Identity Management, Object Storage and Context Brokers.
  • Add a few new features to the application
  • Document the API

I originally thought “WTF am I going to do to help out? I’ll be sitting around for the whole week.” I could not have been more wrong. We worked unbelievably hard to implement FIWARE technologies, rewrite the API and add new features. We worked, almost non-stop, from 9am until almost midnight every night. A very stressful but fun and rewarding week.

Coding from the moment we got to the hostel.

Final Pitch

Me and Dominik taking a selfie just before the final pitch.

When the time came for the final pitch, Chris was ready to lead the way, and did an excellent job. We didn’t expect to win anything (even though we were high-fiving after the pitch with excitement).

The Results

Chris, Robbie (me) and Dominik right before the results ceremony. All of the teams were looking nervous The results ceremony!

Then the moment came where they were announcing the top 3. In third place was Outbarriers from Spain, and then this happened…

My People Care pick up second prize

We are absolutely delighted! Amazing achievement.

Next up, the winners were announced Cloud Care from Mexico.

And that was it. The end to an eventful, fun and stressful week .

All of the finalists at this years FIWARE Smart Society Challenge in Seville.


  1. Philly Stafford

    Well done guys. A great achievement and also well earned. Do you need a new face for your company? Cause lets face it Robbie, your face just won’t cut the mustard.

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